Candles & Votives Testing

Fitness-for-purpose assessment of glass containers intended for use as candle holders, or ‘votives’, in order to demonstrate proper due diligence when placing products upon the market.

This suite of tests is conducted in accordance with the American Standard ASTM-F2179. The featured tests comprise assessment of residual stress using the annealing method outlined in ASTM C148 (for transparent containers) or in accordance with the industry standard scratch-test (for opaque containers) and thermal shock resistance in accordance with ASTM C149.

Further complimentary tests, such as glass thickness and distribution and design and visual assessment, are recommended in order to give a fuller picture of product performance once in market.

Relevant standards

  • ASTM F2179 - Standard Specification for Annealed Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass Containers That Are Produced for Use as Candle Containers;
  • ASTM C148 - Standard Test Methods for Polariscopic Examination of Glass Containers;
  • ASTM C149 - Standard Test Method for Thermal Shock Resistance of Glass Containers.

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