Internal Pressure Strength

Internal pressure resistance testing for container glass bottles intended as packaging for carbonated drinks or are otherwise subjected to changes in pressure during their intended use. This mechanical test determines whether the product meets applicable specifications and is fit for the intended use.

Testing is carried out using a ramp tester for internal pressure using an accredited test method (UKAS accredited laboratory, No. 1994).

The glass articles are filled using water, with the pressure increased until the point of failure; the location of the failure origin is then determined. Internal pressure strength is usually reported as corrected for a one minute duration.

Internal pressure resistance, also referred to as burst-pressure, ramp testing or internal pressure strength, is available as a standalone mechanical test or within our range of quality assessment testing packages.

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Relevant product standards

  • ASTM C147-86,  Standard Test Methods for Internal Pressure Strength of Glass Containers

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