Pendulum Impact Testing

Pendulum impact testing is used to determine the impact resistance, strength and breakage characteristics of a range of glass items in order to ensure that they are fit for their intended use.

This test uses an industry standard, calibrated, AGR impacter and is UKAS accredited under ISO 17025.

Impact testing can be carried out across a range of products, including:

  • Containers and Packaging (e.g. Beer bottles, food jars);
  • Glassware for trade use (e.g. pint glasses, stemware);
  • Prestige and beauty bottles (e.g. perfume, cosmetics);
  • Flat glass (e.g. architectural, glazing, furniture) - please see Large Pendulum Body Impact;
  • Bespoke testing for specialist requirements - contact us.

Typically, impacts are carried out at the contact point for that particular item, such as shoulder and heel for bottles or the rim of a pint glass and the testing is carried out until failure of the sample occurs. However, client requests such as testing until first damage is visible or at specific impact positions can also be undertaken.

We also design and undertake novel impact resistance testing to customers specific requirements.

Simulated impact performance, using Finite Element Analysis, is also available - please see Design Critique and FEA Analysis.

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