Visual Quality Assessment

Examination to identify design features, visible defects or imperfections within/on the glass and mechanical damage that might affect performance during use. 

Visual quality assessments are performed on a wide range of glass products and, depending on the type of product, assess a variety of different process and product-specific features and includes consideration of design features.

Examples of features that would be identified and may affect glass strength include:

  • Bubbles, blisters;
  • Inclusions;
  • Stress raising cord;
  • Scratches, chips and damage;
  • Forming issues, such as splits and checks;
  • Component interaction, such as metal-glass contact;
  • Strength reducing design features.

We provide  visual quality assessment ,  fitness-for-purpose testing  and a range of  physical and mechanical tests  for a whole range of domestic, flat, container, technical, pharmaceutical and scientific glasswares, including:

  • Domestic glassware , including ovenware, casserole dishes, vases, lighting, candle-holders, drinking glasses and decorative items;
  • Trade glassware , including pint glasses, branded and promotional glassware;
  • Container glass , including bottles, jars and flaconnage - please see  container industry standards ;
  • Flat glass , including annealed, toughened and laminated glass - please also see our  services for architectural glass and glazing ;
  • Technical and Scientific glassware , including beakers, condensers, burettes and slides;
  • Pharmaceutical glassware , including ampoules, vials, bottles and syringes - please also see our  services for the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors .

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